Transparency in action

So, as an effort to prove to myself that I am genuine in wanting real friends, I have invited a friend that I know in real life to my blog.  She also happens to be the wife of my oldest nephew, but who has turned out to be so much more than family.  Thank God!! (oops, was that my outside voice???)

She asked a few questions about Hero and me, and I just felt that it would be easier to send her here than to retype the whole deal again.    Still working on that ‘not caring what people think, as long as they know that I am who I say I am’ deal.  I have a couple of people in my life that know me, and love me anyways, and some of them are from this – an anonymous blog.  That is kinda crazy.  But cool at the same time.

“Places everyone! !  There are no re-takes in real life!”

Just a little curious….

Who do you call when the Better Bus. Bur. does  a bad job???

A very sad day, indeed

The other day, I was checking blogs (sorry for the lack of comments lately), and I found myself unable to get in to one of my favorites.  It was an Italian site, and while my look may be very Chinese, I am in fact, very Italian.

I was upset!  What???  Why did she go to invite only???  And why didn’t I get an invite????   Doesn’t she know how much I loved her recipes, her photos, and her view of life???  How could she do this to me?!!!

Right, like its not about me?

And then, while reading another blog (Man, I love those Italian blogs!!), I see a goodbye of sorts, an explanation and – “My life is changing and new projects are on the horizon. All is fine. Not to worry”. I’m not worried.  I am sad, I am disappointed, I am kicking myself for not writing down all that yummy goodness.  I force myself to swallow hard, and wish her all the best.   Well, maybe not all the best – I’d like to think she may come back someday.  (It has happened to others, you know.  Right Jenni??)

But until then, Thank you, MaryAnn.

Some people’s friends

I was so proud of myself.  Last weekend I looked at Hero and asked him to remind me that this weekend I needed to wish a special person Happy Birthday.  I did this without prompting from a calendar or some other electronic device.  I just remembered it on my own.  And then, she had to go and kill my buzz with this blog.  Now, will she believe me or not?  Will she care that I remembered?  I even made sure that I didn’t give an early birthday wish, or set it up as a delayed post, just to prove that she was important enough to remember!

Now, I know that she would want my baby girl (but she would have to fight off her daddy and a lot of loving siblings first), and I would love to move some mountains in China and have her baby girl ready to come home.  But, since that gift is in the hands of God, I will endeavor to do the next best thing.

Since she will obviously buy herself get what she wants for her birthday, I will give to these babies on her behalf.  Even if you don’t want to support the ministry, it is worth the time to hop over to Love Without Boundaries, and look around.  It blesses me every time I do.

So, Soliloquy, Love you and Happy Birthday!  Once again, I am blessed to call you friend.

Happy Easter

We pray you have a blessed day!

Not what we hoped for, but everything we dreamed of

Naomi Gabriella arrived on Sunday evening, weighing in at 9 lbs 9 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long!  She is gorgeous with beautiful olive skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Sometimes you make back up plans because it just makes sense, and sometimes you need the backup plans and you are glad you went ahead and made them.

Our ‘little’ girl arrived needing the backup plans. Our nice, quiet, serene planned birth at home turned into a quick drive to the hospital 3 minutes away with unfamiliar faces, lots of noises, and way too much action! Our nearby hospital is very nice for medical needs. They pride themselves on their 96% c-section rate, and are used to 6 or 7 lb Colorado babies (our altitude makes a difference). So, I am sure that when I came in needing some assistance with my delivery, and was unmedicated and at that point very primal (after hearing too many people say “Honey, you just have to not push”), they didn’t quite know what to do with me or my midwife.

I will spare you the bad details and just tell you that with all that was going on, we still ended up getting everything we wanted – a beautiful baby girl, and a healthy momma and baby.

We are all home and doing well – just trying to get the family back on a schedule.

An Award to help the time go by

sisterhoodaward1For all you who have gone past your due date, I can totally feel for you.  For those of you whom an early delivery is ‘inevitable’ – pray that you never go past your date.  NONE of my babies were overdue.  Not even one!  So I find myself in this very unfamiliar territory of waiting…..and overwhelming emotions.

Unfortunately, my parents came to be here for the birth and to help after the baby is born.  But now, they have been here so long (I asked them to wait until the baby was born, but do they listen????), that by the baby arrives, they will have nearly run out of time.  And so, every time my mom comes over, she just looks at me with those “hatch that baby” look.  As if I am not feeling out of sorts as it is, I get to hear about her phone conversations with an elderly friend of theirs who is ‘so worried’ about me.  Please!  She is from the era of knock the mother out and have the doctors and nurses do the delivery for you.

The other night I was quietly weeping sobbing my eyes out when Hero came up.  He was great!!  He didn’t look at me and try to ‘solve a problem’, but just was there to be empathetic with my ever expanding belly.  One thing he did help me understand was that “my body” usually means “my control” (I say usually because….well,……those were his words, and………um, you probably understand a bit about husbands), but  that when it comes to babies, we still don’t get to be in control.

I try to console myself with things like “well, at least I have this extra time to enjoy the 15 month old before the baby comes”, or “I know the baby is growing and moving and that things are going well with the pregnancy”, or “this is going to be our last baby, so let the pregnancy just go on and on”, and of course I have told myself over and over that God is in control of the whole delivery thing.

Anyway, this is not about complaining.  Although, it might have some appearance of that…..  It was actually about an award I received from Pixie.  She gave me the Sisterhood Award, and I am grateful for it.  She’s got rules that I should be following, but won’t because that is the kind of person I am!  I do want to award this to a couple of people that fit her nomination requirements – meaning they show great attitude and/or gratitude!

The first is Tongu Momma.  I love reading her, and love the way she makes the most out of her days.  Next is Carla.  The woman has more on her plate than most people I know, and yet – there always seems to be joy!  What an inspiration.  And lastly is Jenni.  Unfortuantely, you won’t be seeing any new posts from her for now, but it is definitely worth your time to go and just spend some time browsing.  Ladies, thank you for making my life so much better and for being a part of the Sisterhood!



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